1How do I start an order?

We're thrilled to have caught your interest in our plaque-ordering process! To begin:

• Click the "order form" tab in the top left corner
• Fill out the form with basic info and order specifics
• Within 3-5 business days, a friendly project manager will personally reach out via email
• They'll guide you through the remaining steps and offer tailored assistance

The order process varies based on your requirements. Your project manager will provide more details. Some requests may need record label approval. We'll confirm design, billing, and delivery before invoicing. After payment, you'll see proofs before production starts. Production takes about 4-6 weeks on average. You'll get an email with tracking info for shipments or pick-up details. We're looking forward to working with you, whether you're new or returning! Let's get started on this plaque-creating journey together.

2Why does the record label have to approve me to order myself a plaque?

At Jewel Box Platinum, we hold an RIAA license to manufacture official RIAA-Certified awards with the hologram. Obtaining confirmation from affiliated record labels is part of our licensing agreement. We've streamlined the process with approval contacts at each label. Information like artist name, song/album name, achievement, recipient details, and proof of involvement is submitted for review. The approver decides if the recipient can order the plaque and the style they can choose. In most cases, labels approve requests when the recipient is credited on the project. However, temporary denials may happen, with some labels requiring the main artist to receive a plaque first. The label-approval stage has limited timeline control. We diligently follow up but need patience for their response. We can't provide approval contact info or copy clients on emails, but you can inform your label contacts about our request. We're committed to efficiency and will update you throughout the process. Your satisfaction is essential to us as we work closely with record labels to complete your plaque order smoothly.

3What do I provide for “proof of my credits”?

To streamline the plaque approval process with record labels, we'll provide proof of your credits. A clear photo or screenshot of your name in published credits on reputable platforms like AllMusic, Discogs, or Spotify works best. For non-standard credits (e.g., lawyer, studio owner, or artist manager), invoices, payment history, or legal agreements can be provided, with personal/financial info redacted. Our aim is to make the process seamless, ensuring your credits are recognized by the label for a smooth plaque order.

4Is it possible to expedite an order to be done sooner?

On average, production for your plaques takes around 4-6 weeks, but we're always ready to go the extra mile to meet your deadlines. If you have a specific event, presentation, or upcoming holiday for which you'd like your awards delivered in time, simply give a heads-up to your project manager ASAP. We understand the importance of timing, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. To guarantee delivery by a particular date, there would be additional costs for expedited production and shipping. These costs depend on factors such as the complexity of the design, the quantity of plaques, and the exact turnaround time you require. Rest assured, your project manager will provide you with detailed information regarding these additional fees upon your request. Our aim is to ensure your satisfaction and make sure you receive your awards when you need them.


1If I am approved to order a non-custom design for myself – what options do I have?

Our comprehensive (non-custom) catalog, offers meticulously designed options to commemorate a wide range of exceptional achievements. Let us provide you with a detailed overview:

Pages 1 and 2: RIAA Certified awards
• Standard version: ¾" black frame, matte black background
• Premium version: 1.5" black frame with silver or gold lining, suede black background
• Old School 45 and Old School LP Style options: walnut frame, off-white linen background

Page 3: Streaming and charting awards
• Awards for iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud achievements
• Generic Streaming award for personalized recognition
• Charting awards for iTunes and Billboard success
• Exclusive YouTube award for significant viewership milestones

Page 4: Framing for Grammy certificates or medals

Page 5: Framing options for Billboard articles and covers
• Deluxe versions: silver or gold mirror laser cut elements, black suede background
• Budget versions: customized print work, black suede background

With our extensive selection, we are confident you will find the ideal piece to honor your notable achievements. Our dedicated team is ready to provide personalized assistance to make your decision even more special. Let us help you select a plaque that impeccably captures your accomplishments.

2What are “silk screen” and “laser cut” elements?

At Jewel Box Platinum, our talented craftsmen bring your design ideas to life with silk screen printing and laser cutting techniques:

Silk screen printing:
• Transfers ink/materials to various surfaces
• Vibrant prints on fabric, paper, glass
• Adds personality and color to your project

Laser cutting:
• Precise cutting method using focused laser beams
• Creates intricate shapes on mirror, acrylic, metal
• Adds artistry and sophistication to designs

Our expertise in these techniques allows us to create captivating, standout plaques. Experience craftsmanship and creativity in your projects with us.

3Is there any other achievements (besides RIAA Certification) that I can buy a plaque for?

At Jewel Box Platinum, we excel in crafting remarkable RIAA Certified plaque designs, but our passion extends to commemorating a wide range of musical achievements:

• Noteworthy charting placements
• Significant streaming milestones
• Impressive music video views
• Grammy nominations or wins
• Remarkable touring statistics

We're here to celebrate any accomplishment that holds significance to you. Reach out with your desired achievement, and we'll collaborate on the perfect tribute. Beyond singles or albums, we're delighted to commemorate your personal career milestones too. Your journey and individual accomplishments are equally important, and we're thrilled to be a part of honoring your success.

4Can I purchase an international certified award? (Ex: FIMI award, ARIA award)

At Jewel Box Platinum, we are officially licensed by the RIAA to make official certified awards with the RIAA hologram. Please note:
• Licensing limited to the United States
• No official licenses from recording associations in other countries
• Unable to access seals, holograms, etc., from other countries' associations.

We can design plaques commemorating overall sales figures in other countries in a general sense. If you want an award with a seal or hologram from another country's association. You would need to obtain the elements from the respective association and physically mail them to us & we'll incorporate the provided seal or hologram into the award design.

5What are the requirements for providing art assets?

To ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services, we kindly request our clients to provide us with the necessary assets for their projects. Familiarizing yourself with our art requirements and guidelines will contribute to a smoother and more efficient process. It's important to note that files submitted outside of these standards may result in low-resolution output and less desirable outcomes. By adhering to these guidelines, we can expedite the process and maintain the highest standard of quality for your project. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results that meet your expectations and reflect your vision.

Here are the key points to keep in mind:

• All working files should be at least 300 dpi and in CMYK or RGB color modes. Acceptable file formats include TIFF, EPS, layered PSD, or layered AI files.
• Please refrain from submitting thumbnails or web images, as they may not meet the required resolution for optimal output.
• Logos should ideally be vector files in AI or EPS formats. Alternatively, if intended for silk screen or standard printing, they should be at least 300 dpi JPEG files.
• If your project involves specific fonts, please include them with any InDesign file or provide them as separate font files. Alternatively, for PDF or AI files, outline the fonts to ensure consistent rendering.
• If your project requires specific color values, kindly provide Pantone or CMYK values to ensure accurate color reproduction.
• For custom art and designs, our skilled graphics department can create them for you. Please be aware that additional art charges may apply in such cases.

6What if my art assets do not meet your requirements?
At Jewel Box Platinum, we understand that original art asset files may be lost, compromised, or unavailable in layered or high resolution formats. Here's what you should know:

• Layered art files offer flexibility in creating dimensional designs, however it is feasible to create designs using non-layered art
• Low resolution art may appear grainy, pixelated, or blurry when scaled up. In such cases, we recommend incorporating art on a smaller scale for optimal quality

We value the significance of including art in your designs. Our team is dedicated to finding the best solution, even with less-than-ideal art. We'll work closely with you to ensure the art's inclusion and achieve the best outcome.


1What are the options for plaque delivery?

Our convenient delivery options include:

Shipping with trusted carriers (FedEx, UPS)
• Shipping cost billed by carrier included on invoice
• Option to use personal FedEx/UPS account or provide shipment label

Local deliveries within Los Angeles:
• Reliable courier service from office to desired location
• Cost included on invoice

Personal pick-up from Inglewood, CA office:
• No shipment or courier fees
• Project manager notifies when ready for pick-up

Flexible and efficient delivery options for convenience and timely delivery.

2What if my delivery address changes while my order is in production?

Once payment is received and you've approved the design and text plate proofs, production for your order will commence. On average, production time takes approximately 4-6 weeks. We kindly request that you keep this timeframe in mind when providing your project manager with the delivery address for your order.

If, for any reason, you need to change the delivery address after your order has entered production, please reach out to your project manager as soon as possible to notify them of the update. While it is likely possible to accommodate the change, it's important to note that it may impact the sales tax and/or delivery costs initially included on your invoice. Our team will work diligently to make the necessary adjustments and ensure a smooth delivery process for you.

3What do I do if my plaque is delivered damaged?

We carefully package plaques for safe transit, but damage can occur during shipping. If your plaque arrives damaged:

• Contact your project manager and keep original packaging
• Provide photos of damaged plaque and packaging for the claim process
• We'll initiate a claim with FedEx or UPS on your behalf

We'll strive for a seamless resolution. We're committed to addressing concerns and ensuring your satisfaction.

4What if my delivered plaque does not match the design mock up or text plate proof I approved?
At Jewel Box Platinum, our dedicated production teams meticulously handcraft your awards, ensuring they align with the approved design mock-up and text plate proof. However, in the unlikely event that an error occurs and your received award does not match the approved materials, we encourage you to promptly contact your project manager.

Your project manager will thoroughly review the information and swiftly devise an efficient plan to address and rectify any discrepancies. We understand the importance of delivering a final product that aligns with your expectations, and we are committed to finding a suitable solution to ensure your complete satisfaction.